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Politics in the United Kingdoms
For the discussion for politics in the UK both internal and foriegn policy.

Main rule is: "NO FLAMING OR TROLLING". For ease of use flaming is defined as anything the moderator thinks is flaming or feels that a sufficient number of people are whinging about and are justified in whinging. Trolling is defined as anything the moderator thinks is trolling, i.e. contrary views posted to annoy people or start a flame war rather than as part of a reasoned debate. Practicing sophistry, revisionism or deception will be considered trolling.

Personal insults will not be tolerated.

If you wish to join please note that moderator approval is required. Before accepting requests to join I will check your journal and profile. If I feel that the account is one set up for spamming or trolling then I will reject the request. Journals with no public entries will not usually be approved for membership.

Moderated by: stephenbooth_uk

What to do if you have a problem with another member

Contact the moderator with the substance of you complaint and supporting evidence (links to offensive material, copies of emails &c). I'll investigate it and deal with it as I see fit within the stated rules of the community. But, bear in mind that my modding philosophy is that if someone wants to demonstrate their stupidity in a public forum then, unless they're offending me and others, I'm not going to hide the evidence.

In general a warning will be given, then a second warning and finally a banning. For very serious breaches, or where a pattern of behaviour can be shown (they have been banned from other communities for similar activities and evidence still exists) a person could be banned on the first misdeed or after one warning.

Spam postings will be deleted as and when they are found.

Here's what I'm asking:
  1. Please don't insult each other and, where possible, try not to insult anyone. If you want to call a politician an idiot then fine, just make sure to say why you think they're an idiot, give cases and examples. Plus don't be surprised if someone refutes your argument.
  2. If someone is trying to bait you into making a post that breaches the rules then please don't rise to it. If you want to then email me (I have a paid account so my username at livejournal.com will work as an email address), tell me what's bothering you and I'll try to fix it or at least make a note for future reference. Don't email me just to whinge, I get enough of that from the members at work - there was a brilliant article in the Guardian on 1st April 2006 by Vicky Frost entitled "Who'd be a union rep?", it hinted at but didn't emphasise enough that the biggest cause of stress for union reps is idiot members who expect you to do everything for them.
  3. Don't bait other members, it's immature and it pisses me off
  4. Whatever has happened up to now, let it lie