Reverend Stephen Booth (stephenbooth_uk) wrote in uk_politics,
Reverend Stephen Booth

Clarification of new user modding policy

As part of the checks before approving a request for membership I check the requester's journal and user info, this has been noted on the community info page since this community was set up.  The purpose of this is to reduce the chance of a spammer joining and posting to the community.

To aid people who want to join this community for legitimate reasons I thought I'd clarify what I'm looking for:

  • Are there public entries on the person's journal, journals without public entries are unlikely to be approved

  • When was the account set up, if the account was set up the same day as the request and there are no public journal entries then the request definitely won't be approved but I will check back in a week to see if any public entries have appeared

  • What other communities is the user a member of.  If it's a small number or a larger number but the account has been set up for quite some time (especially if there are common themes like fan communities for an actor, political communities &c) then that's fine but if the account has only recently been set up and is a member of many communities with no common themes then that's not a definite reject but it would be a red flag

  • Do they have any 'friend of's, i.e. people who have friended them

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