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Mean and moronic Tories to increase crime, drug abuse

Moronic drug policy to increase drug use and crime shocker!

The most under apprecieted thing that Labour did was their work on drugs. Remember how smackheads used to roam around stealing everything that wasn't nailed down? Remember how that stopped in a lot of areas? Well, the fact that working class people can have nice things without getting them stolen all the time is down to two things: Labour, and a drug called Subutex.

What Subutex does, is it takes away the craving without creating a greater dependency. I've seen them myself, sallow mumbling junkies at the chemist, they come in, flash their credentials and get given the drug, which they take on the spot then sod off. That drug has saved lives.

Now the Tory scum have a new wheeze - get the junkies off junk, and get them back to work or they'll CUT THEIR BENEFITS! (that last bit to be read out in an appropriately shrill and mean-sounding voice)

The problem is, Subutex is not junk. It is a substitute for junk, and eventually they do wean themselves off - in their own good time. Hassling the smackies to stop taking it on pain of dole cuts will simply send them right back to their short and miserable lives on the streets, weighing in your video for their next hit of Taliban's Finest Strichnine Surprise.

Now I hate junkies - I hate the way they created their own problem which we have to clean up, and I hate the way that their self-indulgence takes resources from others who are needy - but going on a puritanical go-clean-or-sod-off binge is not going to make them go clean, and it is going to cause a drug-related crime wave. If you have any valuables, it might be worth insuring them before the premiums go up.

Oh, and by the way, the Tories still plan to empty the jails. And fire lots of cops (not the riot squad though, I suspect).

Nice one Clarke, you big penal reformer.


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