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"That" speech

Available here in full in case the embed doesnt' show up.

It's one hour long. Hmmm, I can see why they call him "Red Ed" now. Still, he's nowhere near Fidel Castro's seven hour record lols

Interesting thing about this one is that he doesn't automatically make a good portion of the population consider regicide or bulimia. In other words, he's like a younger, nicer Tony Blair, the crucial difference being that he hasn't committed war crimes and doesn't make you want to kill him or puke your guts up.

Lots of boilerplate, lots of "No, I'm not a Communist from the planet Zargon" type stuff which is TBE, and of course lots of catchphrases and buzzwords. A couple of bits where you just think "Oh, Ed. Tut, tut" but any politician has to come out with a lot of shit to satisfy the retarded majority I suppose.

On the economy: Good to see an old-skool Keynsian at work. Yes, deciding to just stop building schools overnight will have indeed a negative effect on the building trade. But also lots of dark hints on future collaberation with the Coalition which could mean pretty much anything, but don't auger well. Still, I suppose the candidate has to reach out.

About the nicknames - He does look like Gromit doesn't he? One I would like to promote is "Sonic The Hedgehog" - he tries to keep his 'do groomed, but sometimes he just gets so passionate about change and being part of the new generation that he can't help it, and his wittle spikes come out and he looks so cuuuuuuuuuute. When I first saw Spiky Ed my heart melted and I realised I had to join Labour and vote for him. At least the view's better when you're looking at Ed.

In conclusion, Ed Miliband wins on presentation, staying power, and even some substance. He loses on cliches and repetition, but then you can't have everything.
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