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I'm becoming politically active.


This community seems a little quiet.  However I hope it might become more active.  Other politics sites on LJ are stuffed with the US elections so this seems like the best place for me to post.

This is cross-posted from my own journal.  You should hear this.

Annual report comments from Richard Thomas, the Information Commissioner

I was seriously spooked by our worryingly fruitcake government planning to instigate a database containing records of the entire nation's phone and e-mail traffic.   Wha business is it of theirs?  I was so spooked I surfed the website of that increasingly sensible organisation "Liberty", to see what they thought about personal privacy.  It is interesting and informative.  They did a report on the subject last year, which I think every British subject (not citizen) should read.  In fact I should finish reading it myself.

Among other things, it debunks the idea that if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.  It also differentiates very neatly between what is "in the public interest" and what "interests the public".  Tidy.

Here are the links you need to get yourself better informed:


Later this year, this will be up for discussion as part of proposed new legislation.  Watch out for it, and fight it!  Who's going to march?

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