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"Time to stand up to the Russians"

"Vladimir Putin is making himself our problem1). There is a difference between persecuting2) political opponents at home and doing so in neighbouring3) states; between presiding over the murder4) of dissidents within your borders and sanctioning their death abroad. The moral distinction may be slight, but the legal5) distinction is vast: the international order rests on the principle of territorial jurisdiction. [...]" (Daily Telegraph...)

1) "you know who is the enemy?"
2) "he DOES that, it is a proved fact"
3) "he is extending his evil will (the proved evil is on a march)"
4) a kick: "by the way, he is a murder"
5) "saying all that above and below we respect the law (don't we?)"

The reasoning -- although this term is quite ridiculous here -- techniques in such articles is not of my primary concern here though.

My Russian friends (even those with their PhD) after reading the translations of such yellow press can't feel any supplement of love towards West. Now consider the Russian masses reading the translations of this masterpiece, the masses, who visit foreign lands once in their life or even never. They don't see 1)-- 5). They feel the offense.

Clearly, the masses even in most rich countries are still unhappy, at least unhappy enough to seek implicitly for some guinea pig, or even better for some enemy, even better for some Real Enemy. They are ready to savour the articles like this one.

And finally, who benefits from such articles in the mass media? Surely not just the tiny yellow journalists along with the big publisher only. Just to make things more evident, the cocaine-based business is hardly a smaller one, but not legalized. This stream in a yellow journalism is a very strong spiritual weapon for the quite special part of the ruling class. This stream is a vaccination against the possible "dangerous" acts of fraternization, which might spontaneously happen when people with their loaded guns can see obviously that there is no needs to fight against.

Definitely, not all things are settled in the young Russia after Perestroika. The policy and the regulation in mass media is also far from being perfect. Nevertheless the freedom of speech in all more or less civilized countries hardly means the total legitimization of public political kindling, persecution based on a lie.

Perhaps we all have room to think about regulation of freedom of speech, especially in the situation, when the masses as the ages before are hungry for locating, hunting and lynching some Real Evil.
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